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God at work as shared in your own words...

"On August 8, 2015, a group of Lifers went out on a Treasure Hunt to find people to pray to for. Several were found and were encouraged by the prayer. One said Jesus was healing him as they prayed. A few said they were not the treasure they were looking for and refused prayer. The Lifers blessed them as they walked away. Later it was discovered that one of the people that had been prayed for was an athiest. She had asked for prayer.

At the ladies retreat Shelia and I were just talking about just whatever, when God gave me a revelation about something my mother had done to me and that I had also done to my older children. In that moment such a pain of guilt and shame came over me and I was crying out in so much pain . Quickly, in an instance, it turned into laughter. God took the pain and gave me a peace of mind. Knowing what he has done for me He will also do for them."

- Tonya

"At the Reign and Shine Conference I had this vision. I am under a waterfall with arms outstretched, palms up, head facing upward, mouth wide open, laughing in the enjoyment of the cleansing, refreshing experience of being drenched in living water. When I looked around we are all under the waterfall. We are splashing each other, laughing, enjoying each other, and having a good time!

Then I'm on top of the cliff where God spoke to me, "Just jump; I will catch you Trust Me more." The last time that happened I wanted to jump, but I couldn't. Well this time there was no hesitation. I jumped off, like I knew what I was doing. I was diving - cliff diving - into the waterfall below. And then I'm swept up. I'm aware of God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit under me. I heard, "I've got you!" But they were all there. I recall thoughts of, "There is nothing to fear." I felt no fear. I saw all white and bright light. A sense of wide openness, limitlessness. I remember thinking, "Nothing else matters." We soared like this for awhile. I didn't want it to end. God spoke, "I'm going to show you things. I want you to see things from my perspective." At that moment I realized I wasn't headed downward into the water below, and that something (actually Someone) was beneath me and we were soaring (flying). I felt totally free. I wasn't even aware of my physical body being there. I remeber saying to myself, "So this is what freedom feels like."

That night I, when I was unable to sleep, I kept wanting to soar some more. I have experienced the breaking of strongholds through being prayed over and hands laid on me. I have gotten more free with each Sozo session and Breaking Free (Beth Moore) Bible study over the past three years. But this was total freedom. I don't ever want to forget what it feels like. I want to keep experiencing it. I believe I have access to that freedom (being that in touch with Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit). Thank You, Lord, for this incredibly awesome vision that was so intimate. Reflecting back on it I laugh and cry and can't wait to soar with You again."

- Julianne

"I received an unexpected refund from a medical company. It was for $144. Yeah!

I sold a land investment for a very good profit."

- Kirk Horton

"Last Sunday before church I realized I didn't have my wallet. The last time I had my wallet was at Metro. I checked at Metro Sunday morining and called various times and it was not turned in. I checked all over my house and could not find it. Throughout this time the negative voices whispered to me - you ar are so dumb, you lost it and so on. I countered these voices with prayer and asked for prayer from the Monday night ladies Bible study group. I knew that God knew where it was and He would return it. Monday morning at 8:15 am I received a call from the Santo Post Office and a woman had found my wallet in a cart at Metro and took it to the Post Office. They mailed it on Monday and I received it on Tuesday. Nothing was missing from my wallet."

- Christine Vankirk

"I was praying during worship for forgivenessand for my family. After I finished I realized God had healed my shoulder. My shoulder has been herting for a few months. It was bad enough that yesterday I was lookinmg at a new compound bow and I decided not to buy it because I assumed I wouldn't be able to shoot it and left disappointed. Later in the service I realized that my shoulder was healed. I moved it all around to make sure. God is so precious in touching me, even when I didn't ask. He beat me to the punch."

- Donnie R. Lemons

"Last May (2013) we were reduced to one vehicle. We have been hoping and praying for a low priced used vehicle to have for occasional driving - not our primary. It has been increasingly difficult to have one car and 2 babies. Out of the blue my parents found out about a used SUV for sale - low miles, low use. A 2002 with 80K miles driven by an older lady. Very clean, excellent condition! He exceeds our expectations and meets our needs!"

- Jan Jefferson

"I work at a community college, and a few weeks ago I received a phone call from a woman looking for a certain professor. I could tell she was upset and did not have the heart to tell her she had called the wrong office, so I went ahead and asked her for her information and said I would give her professor the message. I could tell she was crying, and she began to tell me she had suffered a traumatic back injury and was in an enormous amount of pain. I began to pray for her over the phone, declaring healing over her. After hanging up the phone, I went to try and find this student's information and could not find anything. After talking to the professor, it turns out she was a student from a nearby university who just happened to call the wrong number (which actually turned out to the right number). I love how God makes these things happen!

Last Friday I received a phone call from a woman I did not recognize. It was actually the woman I had prayed for. She had tracked me down! She began to tell me how she suffered this injury eight months ago and was getting ready to see a neurosurgeon to discuss surgery. After I had prayed for her that day she collapsed and had to be rushed to the ER. In her stay at the hospital she was connected with a doctor who found the problem and is able to treat it wihout surgery! She was so happy and not feeling any pain! This woman had come to recognize that she was healed even though it took the avenue it did.

I am aware that God directed her to me via a wrong number in order for me to pray. Her tracking me down and sharing the story of how God healed her through this was just God's reassurance to keep praying for healing regardless of whether or not I see the outcome.

I believe I heard Kris Valloton say, "It is not a secular place of business if you work there," and I believe that with all my heart! I love the opportunities God gives me in my place of business everyday!"

- Michelle Owens

"Some things were broken off of me during Sunday's service on March 30th. On of them being shame:
  I don't have to hide anymore. I am a front row praiser.
  I don't have to reject God's love. I am going to receive it.
  I don't have to hate who I used to be. I choose to be who God created me to be.
Lord, I give you full access to my heart.
I surrender all.
I am going to reach out and bear fruit."

- Julianne Mitchell

"I was having to pack everthing up and get it moved out so they could come in and put new carpet down. Plus the heart test on the 8th of August was on my mind. This morning I encountered God. I was on the way back to bed and it was as if I ran into the wall. I tried to go again and it was like being pushed back. I opened my eyes and there stood God and He said, "Don't you remember you can do all things through Him that strenghens you? Don't worry about the heart test in August. Believe in Me. I will never leave you or forsake you." He is with us always if we will ask Him to come and help us and believe in Him and He will take care of it all. That really opened my eyes to a lot."

- Sherrie Friend

"On August the 8th of 2013 I had to go to Ft Worth for a heart test and all. I was really up-tight about the test and a bit scared. The doctor that put the IV tube in said that the worst part was over. Then it came time for the big part of the test, the treadmill. While on the treadmill I had an encounter with God. It ws the first time I had seen His face. When the doctor came in he said while he put the die in I needed to hold onto the bar. When I went to put my hand upon the bar I felt a soft hand on mine and then I heard a voice say, "Look up," and it said, "I mean look up." When I did I was looking eye ball to eye ball at God. He had the best green eyes, red hair, and a beard. Then he said, "Haven't I told you I would never leave you or forsake you?" and "I am here with you now on the treadmill." I felt a big peace come over me."

- Sherrie Friend

"Yes, I'm more humble in the Lord for this church. I have been blessed by Pastor Kirk, and the church family. I have been changed since I have been here. Praise the Lord I do have faith in the Lord. Without Him I have nothing to gain but pain and sorrow. Miracles, I believe, are true and the Lord has touched my life through this church. It has brought me closer to the Lord. Thank ya'll for the love of Jesus."

- Missy Light

"I have been blessed by Pastor Kirk and family and this church. Thank you for allowing us to be in the Well of Life Church. We believe in miracles and healing. This jchurch has brought me closer to the Lord than anything. Thank you for the love Jesus to us."

- Linda Light

"I'm so ecstatic that I want to scream from the rooftops and call all kinds off wonderful people in our lives who have prayed for us and tell them our wonderful news. My mother-in-law specifically told me about three weeks ago that she has been praying that Brandin's military transcript would get into the right hands of individuals who could award credit for courses at UTA. We have been in a 2 year battle to get his Nuclear Power School coursework recognized by UTA to help with some of his BA requirements. Until the last three weeks, we have not had any luck! Three weeks ago, the department for his minor reviewed his coursework and waived three, yes I said THREE, prerequisites for him to take one course he needs to complete his minor! Tonight we logged in to his email and found that due to him completing his Core coursework at another college ( it only requires one Math course) that it is likely he will not have to take the other Math course that UTA requires for their core completion! Thank you so much to everyone who has prayed for us and listened to us be frustrated! Our God is a great big God and he cares about what we care about! Brandin is going to graduate soon!"

- Anonymous

"I had not thought about this until we were there on Sunday, but we have made those statements that you are declaring in church together when we have visited. And the checks in the mail thing has happened for us a couple of times in the last month. The first is that after more than a year without receiving child support Jimmy suddenly started receiving it in December and he has been reciving it weekly since then. Then I received a letter in the mail telling that I had money due to me from a job I had in 1994. So exciting. We are not even there all the time! Just wanted to let you know. God is so good!"

- Anonymous